This year 2018

I have been working with vintage embroidery here in Mexico for about a decade now, I have met several and various style people and mindsets.

I wish for all of you who stop by a wonderful 2019.

For me 2018 was a year of discovery and also recovery not only my health but also my dreams.

This year I welcomed a life, I have been giving life to many dresses for weddings or for you to wear at that special party or celebration, a Mexican dress you dreamed with and I with some help I brought to you.

And this year I was blessed with a God miracle.

Vida Mia is how I love to call this little human, a piece of my very own cells, and heart.

A Human I am rising to be her own heroe and admire woman and man who share this perspective of honoring what is important.

And in life you can see what is important when you open your eyes, your own life, with your own thoughts in your own reality, Every time you breathe, and feed your cells with nourturing food and thoughts for your brain to help you be You.

So gracias, to all who have deposited their trust in me to become their dress designer or maker, and thanks to life and to all lived some still needs processing to be erased, I am

not a machine, but I do my best as a Human.

And I will teach my Life to her, and I will happy she reminds me one day as I remind my Dad and his education, because at the end that is our foot print.

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