Aida Coronado

Introduces her -Clothing / Galeria Boutique- A beautiful combination and contemporary mix of Mexican folk art, featuring: embroidered dresses, Mexican dress, Mexican embroidered dress, folk, clothes Tehuantepec Huipil, Mexican Pottery, Handmade bags, Rebozos, Shawls, Vintage slip, Honeymoon wear, sleepwear, Frida Kahlo,  Oaxaca, dress, San Antonino, Pillows, Retro, Indie, Hippie, Bohemian, Unique, In Style, Trend, Fashion, Design, Handmade collection pieces at

Aida Coronado is a new Mexican eco-friendly, positive online clothing boutique and Galeria selling a wide range of unique folk ethnic and bohemian collection pieces that share one particular characteristic: all of them are Hand Made with Love.
This means that buying through Aida Coronado you are getting the product of loving hands that believe in the power of dreaming and creating.
You are getting the unique expression of a human being that want to share the world with you.

We practice the Fair Trade on every single business transaction that we make, we truly believe that we have the power to change the world with small and beautiful actions everyday.

We have deep in our roots the sense of community, we believe in diversity and self expression.
We want to bring back the basics and remember what the world is all about:

Join us in this beautiful journey of appreciation!

Loves from Mexico,

Aida Coronado

About Aida Coronado, Mexicana

About Aida Coronado, Mexicana

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