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Mexican Pink

Mexican dress

for a night out or the beach fun!

handmade and hand embroidered

with love from Mexico


thank you!


Mexican Wedding Dress

Mexican wedding dress


hand embroidered with Love in Mexico

Handmade just for Dyana Christina Guzman Suasnavar

Thank You and congratulations for your wedding celebration, I wish everyday you wear your Mexican dress brings the most amazing feelings, adventures, joy and all the beautiful things in earth .

It is an honor to receive your request, and to make it possible for your special day!

Love y Gracias with all the love and respect from Mexico

Aida Coronado

Aida Coronado Mexican Dress Shop

Quetzal Mexican Wedding Dress

The God of the Air

in Aztec Maya tradition

brings love and freedom

Mexican Lingerie

Vintage Bikini Set

Mexican elegant lingerie

embroidered and made with love in Mexico

Mexican embroidered bag

Mexican bag

Aida Coronado

Love from Mexico

online shop

Vacation Destination Mexican Embroidered bag

Mexican Embroidered Dress

Fiesta Mexico Wedding Dress

Embroidered by Hand

Made in Mexico

with Love

uninque contemporary and traditional vintage design

Aida Coronado

Galeria Mexico

collection I

Mexican Dress

embroidered by Indigenous hands

design in Mexico with Love

aidacoronado.comAida Coronado Shop

Mexican Dress a story to tell

embroidered dreams are always a trend in summer.

make this season unique every yeat wearing your traditional Mexican dress or authentic Mexico contemporary designs.

I thank for your appreciation your love and support this decade working with vintage techniques making your pieces one by one!


Aida Coronados

unique Mexican clothing